Pattaya Condo rentals provides service and support to two primary client types.

  • The Property Owner
  • The Tenant or Purchaser

We want to outline what we can do for our clients.

The Property Owner

Our involvement and the extent of what we do is determined by our clients. We are a variable resource, we can help assist and undertake in part or we can fully manage your property portfolio. We listen to what is wanted, we offer advice if we are able to and we get on and do what is agreed. In basic terms this is what we can do for a property owner.

  • Appraise the property
  • Market property and place a tenant
  • Market property and find a buyer
  • Ongoing maintenance and management

The Tenant or Purchaser


We are the first point of contact in most cases for tenants who rent a property from us. We act on behalf of the owners and receive rent payments and look after any property maintenance issues. We can assist with a wide range of peripheral matters associated with staying in Thailand, but these are not our core business.


For a Purchaser we can assist with finding and viewing a property. In most cases we will be the sellers agent and be acting in behalf of the seller. It is not unusual for Pattaya Condo rentals to be appointed by the purchaser to find a property and negotiate on their behalf. Although the roles are different we are sure to look after your interests and be open with relevant facts. We can use our knowledge of the market place and details specific to the property to help negotiate a good purchase price.